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We have created EXTROLUB thanks to our experience in the extrusion sector to offer our customers a lubricant which has been specifically created to bring the press operation to the maximum levels.

This has been a challenge which has kept us constantly busy over the last few years and at the same time allowed us to have many opportunities for improvements.

Thanks to continuous testing and feedback we have received from our numerous customers we have been able to enhance our know-how and obtain constantly improved performance levels for the product. We have therefore decided to merge our 30 years experience and know how on extrusion presses with the experience of Motul-Tech Baraldi, a leading company in the lubricant sector with more than 100 years of experience and take EXTROLUB to a higher level.

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EXTROLUB tooling is a reliable, time-tested, non polluting release agent for the treatment of dummy blocks, specially formulated for aluminium extrusion.

The product has to be diluted with water (one part solution per 4 parts water).

Extrolub Tooling Advantages
Extrolub Tooling Dummy Block


During the billet loading phase a special nozzle attached to the billet loader arm sprays extrolub onto the front end of the dummy block.
Extrolub Tooling Shear Blade


A special nozzle fitted close to the shear blade, provides adequate lubrication on the blade before cutting the aluminium butt-end.
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Our new release agent has been created to be used on the aluminium billet side in contact with the dummy block, in order to prevent the dummy block from sticking to the end of the billet.

It’s supplied ready to be used and does not need to be diluted with water, making tank filling operations easier.

Extrolub Tooling Advantages
Extrolub Billet for Extrusion Press



Compared to traditional boron nitride powder lubricating systems, EXTROLUB tooling keeps the system much cleaner.

A considerable advantage of the EXTROLUB billet lubrication system is that it can be installed next to the press, thus preventing the lubricant from depositing on the machine components themselves.

The film formed by EXTROLUB billet is soluble in water and is easily washed away by a jet of water, leaving the machine perfectly clean.

Its formula has been developed to prevent encrustations on the nozzles and dripping.


EXTROLUB billet is supplied ready to be used and does not need to be mixed with water, making tank filling operations easier and less waste.


No environmental impact and workplace pollution, unlike of traditional lubricants, such as boron nitride, acetylene or carbon. EXTROLUB is a non-flammable product, absolutely safe for operators and for the environment.


EXTROLUB is specifically designed for aluminium extrusions, leaving no residue on the extruded profiles.


The use of both products in synergy allows the use of a minute quantity thanks to the high releasing properties. In particular, lubrication of the billet prevents any waste thanks to the spraying position and timing inside the press cycle.

The press components and dummy block in particular benefit from a longer working life time.


EXTROLUB has a very high releasing properties at high working temperatures; the product forms a highly thermal resistant film on the treated surfaces. The “Leidenfrost effect” is greatly reduced thus making the instantaneous deposit of a continuous film on hot surfaces possible with excellent adhesion.

EXTROLUB tooling EXTROLUB billet
Dummy Block

It is recommended use of both lubrication systems, tooling and billet, in synergy.

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Presezzi Extrusion Group developed spray systems for aluminium billet and dummy block lubrication. Spray systems can be installed and adapted to any existing extrusion line.

Extrolub Billet for Extrusion Press
Extrolub Billet for Extrusion Press
Extrolub Billet for Extrusion Press

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